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Workshop on Robotics

Workshop on Robotics, SITM, Myana, Guna

A workshop on “ROBOTICS” presented by RoboSapiens, New Delhi.

Organized on Saturday-Sunday, September 13 – 14, 2014

India is an emerging superpower, and development in technology is the route to its financial and economical goals.

Robotics Workshop focuses on empowering students and enthusiasts with capability of understanding and using microcontrollers and basic autonomous robotics. It provides them the best available hardware and software tools. They will be able to implement the knowledge and resources in Competitions held at many Technical Festivals happening in IITs, NITs and other engineering colleges across India. The learning and training will also help in Final Year Projects, Thesis, Minor and Major Projects, Industrial Projects and day to day life.

Topics To Be Covered:

  • Introduction  to Robotics
  • Type of Robots
  • Manual and Autonomous Robotics
  • Mechanics of Robots
  • Basic of Electronics and Hands on
  • Various types of Sensors
  • Sensor Interfacing and Hands on
  • Introduction to Programmable Robots
  • Microcontroller basics
  • Microcontroller Programming using C Compiler
  • Hands on Microcontrollers
  • LCD display
  • Autonomous Robotics through Microcontrollers
  • Making a Simple Autonomous Robot


Contact Details

  • Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries.  Email:guna@gmail.com Phone:09425727291